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    Molṑn Labé… "Come and Get Them!"

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    Offices in Nevada and Wyoming

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    Incorporation Service Provider (ISP)

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    Trustee Services

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    Business Offices and Mail-Forwarding Services

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    Limited Liability Companies

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    Limited Partnerships

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    Land Trusts

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    Revocable Living Trusts

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    Irrevocable Spendthrift Trusts

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    Nationwide Webinars

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    Co-Author of 8 Books

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    20 Years of Experience

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    Bookkeeping in About an Hour

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    Building Real Estate Wealth

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    Cover Your Assets (3rd Edition)

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    Operations Manual

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    Mastering the Sales Process

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    Do-It-Yourself Debt Repair

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    Economic Citizenship (2nd Edition)

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    Incorporating Offshore (2nd Edition)

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Asset Protection Services of America Trust

Asset Protection Services of America Trust is a "Non-Grantor, Irrevocable, Complex, Discretionary, Spendthrift Trust" and an Incorporation Service Provider (ISP) with offices in both Reno, Nevada and Sheridan, Wyoming.
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APSA has been providing Asset Protection, Tax Strategies and Estate Planning Services since 2004. We are an Authorized Agent of the Benson Financial Trust and provide the complete formation and organization of Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships, Land Trusts and Revocable Living Trusts throughout all 50 states. We've written 8 books on the subject matter and have 20 years of experience helping thousands of clients from around the world.
Contact Us today and let us help you "Cover Your Assets". Learn more About Us, read our Client Testimonials, purchase our Books, visit our Company Store, watch our Videos, utilize our Sitemap or download our Order Forms.

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5-Star Client Review

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Molṑn Labé

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5-Star Client Review

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Low-Risk and
High-Risk Assets

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What is an Entity?

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Inside Lawsuits
and Outside Lawsuits

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Miami Live Webinar I

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Miami Live Webinar II

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Miami Live Webinar III

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The Entrust Group, Inc.
SD-IRA Webinar

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The Entrust Group, Inc.
Follow-Up Interview

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Spendthrift Trust

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Trustee Services
We create Land Trusts and provide professional disinterested third-party Trustee Services throughout America.
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Nominee Services
Our Nominee Services keep your name out of the public domain leaving competitors and unwanted thirty-parties unsure as to who the acting directors, officers and/or managers of an entity may be.
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We Accept Crypto-Currencies
BitCoin is a worldwide decentralized digital currency, also known as a "crypto-currency", which operates without a central bank or administrator.
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Free Asset Protection Consultation
Would you like to create a specific time to speak with a specialist?
Schedule your
Free Asset Protection Consultation now!

APSA Webinars

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Asset Protection Services of America Trust is honored to be a keynote speaker at a wide-variety of engagements for real estate investors, physicians and business professionals around the country. If you, or your organization, would like to have APSA provide a live group webinar, please contact our offices for more information and availability.
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Segregating Assets and Liabilities
by Jay Butler

Is a "Series" Limited Liability Company akin to putting all your eggs in one basket or can a Series LLC truly provide asset protection through the segregation of subsidiary assets and liabilities?

Originally designed to assist investment companies in the mutual fund industry avoid a multitude of SEC filings, Delaware introduced special interest legislation in 1996 to enable one company to act as an ‘umbrella’ for the activities of all their individual client funds. Such a strategy has also been successfully implemented internationally with...
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Why You Need a Living Trust
by Jay Butler
Nobody wants to think about dying, or what happens to those whom you love when they are left behind. But at whatever age the sensations of being bulletproof and immortality wear off, the weight of family responsibilities should have you taking action immediately to ensure future generations are not unduly burdened by your death.

A Revocable Living Trust is a document created while you are still alive and may be amended or revoked by you at any time. In order to best understand how a revocable living trust can benefit you, it is helpful to first understand...
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Land Trusts - Holding Beneficial Interest
by Jay Butler
Land Trusts, sometimes referred to as Florida or Illinois 'type' trusts because of their favorable state laws and years of case history, are designed to hold title to real property and real property assets including real estate options, contracts and mortgages. Land Trusts are most commonly used to transfer title of income-producing property without invoking a due-on-sale clause with their lender. Public Law 97, also known as the Garn - St. Germain Act, prohibits financial institutions from invoking a due-on-sale clause upon transferring title so long as, among other things, the beneficial interest holder is the same the day after the transfer as it was the day before the transfer and there is no transfer in the rights of...
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Understanding Inside and Outside Lawsuits
by Jay Butler
In order to understand “Inside Lawsuits” and “Outside Lawsuits” it is first important to ensure you know the difference between “Low Risk Assets” and “High ­Risk Assets”.
Low-Risk Assets are assets of intrinsic value which are not subject to creating a lawsuit such as cash, stocks, bonds, CDs, gold and silver, furs, jewelry and artwork, etc.
High-Risk Assets are assets of intrinsic value which
may cause a lawsuit such as your home, cars, boats, planes, equipment, rental properties and businesses, etc.
Low­-Risk and High-­Risk Assets are like oil and water in that they do not mix! Why not? Because of the difference between “Inside and Outside Lawsuits” which is our focus today....
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What is Charging Order Protection?
by Jay Butler
The charging order is a remedy (or solution) that a creditor uses to place a judgment against an entity (ie. Corporation, Limited Liability Company or Limited Partnership) which, in doing so, becomes the primary defense for the debtor.

Originally the ‘Charging Order’ came into existence under the 1914 passage of the Uniform Partnership Act (UPA), but it had unintended consequences for other partners in that a judgment creditor could force the seizure of partnership assets and sell the debtor­ partner’s interests, often causing a compulsory dissolution....

Asset Protection

Asset Protection is the method whereby entities are used to protect things of value to you. An entity can be a corporation, limited liability company, limited partnership or other form of lawfully recognized structure designed to protect ownership by holding title to an asset. The respective shareholders, members or partners maintain full control of their assets (i.e. houses, cars, boats, planes, helicopters, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, CD’s, cash, coins, precious metals, artwork and businesses, etc) and the “Charging Order Protection” afforded by the State (jurisdiction of incorporation) is what renders protection to the owner from judgement creditors.

It is imperative, therefore, that you understand the difference between “Inside and Outside Lawsuits” as explained in our publication “
Cover Your Assets (3rd Edition)”. Personal liability protection varies greatly from one State to the next and knowing in which states it is preferable to incorporate is paramount to your overall success.

Knowing how to best make use of “
Land Trusts” when holding title to real property is of tremendous help to real estate investors. Our publication entitled “Operations Manual” provides you with nearly 250 pages of forms on “How To” make the most out of your entity including resolutions, agreements, contracts, minutes, meetings and much more!

Tax Strategies

Tax Strategies are methods of lawfully ‘avoiding’ taxes. Tax ‘evasion’ is what is illegal and unlawful. APSA encourages the proper use of tax avoidance including the “Capital Gains Exclusion” and other methods of lawfully avoiding “Capital Gains Taxes” as described in our publication entitled “Building Real Estate Wealth”.

In our publication “
Bookkeeping in About an Hour”, with a foreword by Tax Attorney Mr. Scott M. Estill, we alphabetically list every “Tax Deductible Item” and “Medical Expense Deduction” we could locate in the Internal Revenue Code for entities filing an 1120 tax election. Each deduction listed is provided with the corresponding Standard Federal Tax Report Paragraph, Revenue Ruling, Code Section and/or Regulation.

When "
Incorporating Offshore" or obtaining "Economic Citizenship", as described in our respective publications, be very careful when researching 'international tax havens'. Although other countries may not possess any tax liabilities for Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBO) in their jurisdiction, that does not mean you are void of any tax consequences in your tax-resident country. Remember, in the United States, “all worldwide income, wheresoever derived, is taxable!”

Estate Planning

Our “Revocable Living Trusts” are for the avoidance of probate and include a 'pour-over will' to capture any assets not assigned to the trust or listed in the Addendum “A”. The Revocable Living Trusts of APSA are ‘state specific’ and drafted by a special software program written by attorneys for attorneys and document preparers. Review any of our 8 publications (below) or contact us for your free private consultation so we can assist you in determining which type of entity and jurisdiction best meets your needs.

Books by Jay Butler and Dr. Robert Hagopian
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401 Ryland Street
Suite 200-A
Reno, NV 89502-1643
Office (775) 461-5255
Fax (775) 461-1155

30 North Gould Street
Suite N
Sheridan, WY 82801-6317
Office (307) 215-7701

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Business Hours
Monday – Friday
8 Hours a Day

9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Eastern)
8:00 am to 4:00 pm (Central)
7:00 am to 3:00 pm (Mountain)
6:00 am to 2:00 pm (Pacific)

Closed on Holidays

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