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Do You Know Jesus?

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23 Minutes in Hell

“One man's story about what he saw,
heard, and felt in that place of torment."

~Bill Wiese

Please support Bill Wiese and his "Soul Choice Ministries"
by purchasing his Books and Videos directly from him here:

“The word life has 'if' in the middle of it because no one has an assurance of tomorrow.
It is analogous to an hour glass where we can only see how much sand is at the bottom of our glass (how old we are),
but none of us knows how much sand is left in the top of our hour glass (how much time remains in our life).
If you have not fallen on your knees and accepted Jesus Christ into your heart and confessed him with your
mouth as Lord and savior, then please do so right now. Only Jesus will protect your ultimate asset - your soul.”

~Jay Butler