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“Do-It-Yourself Debt Repair”
by Jay Butler and Dr. Robert Hagopian

• 83 Pages
• Full-Color
• 8.5" x 11" Format
• Negotiating Offers and Counter-Offers with Original Creditors
• Proven Steps to Reaching a Debt Settlement
• How to Answer Creditor Telephone Calls at Home and Work
• What You Should Never Say or Do Over the Telephone
• Prepared Cease and Desist Letters for Collection Agencies
• Fight, Delay or Even Stop Foreclosures
• Responding to Mortgage Electronic Registration Letters (MERS)
• Step-by-Step Procedures for Sending Debt Validation Letters
• What Lenders Must Do Upon Written Request
• Expired Statute of Limitation Notification Letters
• Letters to Collection Agencies for Failure to Respond Timely
• Removing Inaccurate Information from Credit-Reporting Agencies


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