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Revocable Living Trust

The Revocable Living Trust provided by State Trustee Services, LLC is current with estate planning and estate tax laws throughout all 50 states. A Revocable Living Trust is a powerful estate planning device for avoiding probate among other Benefits (<– Click Here). The distribution of estate assets are directed by your Revocable Living Trust according to your last wishes and desires without the need for your beneficiaries to succumb to lengthy emotional court proceedings and expensive attorney's fees. Revocable Living Trusts are effective during your lifetime whereas 'wills' and 'testamentary trusts' take effect upon your death and instantly send beneficiaries into probate court. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions for more information about our Revocable Living Trusts. Whatever is properly placed into your Trust prior to your death prevents your family, friends and other beneficiaries from going through probate.

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